Internal Quality Management System Audit

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Internal QMS Audit refers to planned periodic quality checks carried out by organizations to make sure that the standard procedures in their Management System are adhered to.

For the majority of ISO Certified Management Systems, a well-kept Internal Audit calendar is a prerequisite of conformity against the set standards. On the other hand, any organization that looks forward to ensuring that it is operating effectively should undertake regular Internal Audits as a component of its operational procedures.

A good Internal Audit assists organizations in deciding if a process is documented precisely, properly put into practice, and efficiently maintained. Therefore, having a periodic schedule of Internal Audits will greatly help you identify issues that cause slow divergences from the organization’s understanding of best practices.

On the other hand, it gives room for processes to be confronted as to their appropriateness or significance. Therefore, internal audits make possible constant improvement while providing an opportunity to advance both the systems and the successful operation of a company.

An internal audit is a significant constituent to guaranteeing the best performance of a quality management system. Besides, the objective of an internal audit is to collect information about the efficiency of the quality system. It calls for a person with vast knowledge about all operational processes within an organization to perform an internal audit.

Internal QMS Audit | Management Consultancy

Let’s Start By Answering These Questions;

  • Are your employees doing what they are supposed to do?
  • Do you have laid down procedures for procurement, hiring, revenue collection, credit policy, business entertainment being followed?
  • Are the stocks properly safeguarded, and loopholes for pilferage sealed?

An illustration of quality management system audit process - internal qms auditWe at Green World Hospitality Consultants will help you implement quality management systems. However, this does not only meet your needs and certification requirements but also brings significant business benefits which include:

  • Increasing client confidence and satisfaction
  • Improving efficiency while increasing productivity
  • Reducing costs due to a reduction in errors and rework
  • Receiving a Positive impact on company profile and reputation
  • Improvement of staff motivation

At QMS Consultancy, we provide customized consultancy services that enable our clients to achieve continuous improvement. On the other hand, we ensure compliance within the management systems and across all business operations.

We also ensure that the organizational process complies with the requirements of the quality management system. Similarly, this must be in line with customer expectations, regulatory requirements, and the organization’s own requirements. Check out our LinkedIn Page.

Our experts will help establish whether your organization is meeting requirements or not. Besides, we identify opportunities for improvement while assisting the audit team in developing audit reports. Finally, we present audit reports to top management and assist with follow-up audits, as required.

Our consultants guide organizations in implementing and maintaining their management systems to certified standards. We assist our clients to achieve and maintain certification of their management systems to international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Clients choose us for our expertise, practical experience, and common-sense approach. Read more about our services

Internal QMS Audit | Consultancy Services We Offer:

  • An image of the focal point of quality management system auditManagement System Implementation
  • Gap analysis against standards
  • Drafting relevant documentation
  • Auditing both internal and pre-assessment audits
  • Risk Assessments
  • Legal Compliance Assessments

What We Deliver:

We steer you through the entire process. Hence, our quality management services include:

  • Designing and implementing a formal quality management system
  • Analyzing, gaps of quality management systems to the requirements of the international standard
  • Setting quality objectives and targets
  • Process mapping
  • Conducting pre-assessment and internal audits
  • Measuring customer satisfaction

Above all, we provide professional quality management consultancy to businesses across all sectors. Besides, we tailor these services to suit your particular needs. We also provide consultancy on quality systems for specific sectors. Check out our publications.

Want to become more efficient in your quality management system? Get in touch with us.