Hotel Pre Opening Consultancy

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Pre Opening Services refers to an exclusively designed program that meets the desires of the hotel owners’ goals, targets, values, revenue, and cost. Usually, the process takes about six months to three years to realize all plans of action before the actual opening of a hotel. Besides, the duration of the entire process depends on the type and classification of the Property in place. On the other hand, a pre-opening stage comes with challenges as well as opportunities that might be dealt with by a professional.

Green World Hospitality Consultants offers consultancy on conceptualization, development, and project management services for independent hotel owners. Therefore, it is most ideal if Green World Hospitality Consultants is involved from the early stages of a project to enable the Green World Hospitality Consultants’ team to guide the development of the project. This ensures the brand philosophy and values have influence over various facets of the project to deliver a holistic and exceptional finished product. Check out our publications.

Concept Design And Development

We assist in the design and the planning of the project facilities in cooperation with the appointed designers, consultants, and other specialists to provide advice and specifications in the following areas:

  1. Overall concept theme and operational layout of the project.
  2. Operational requirements for the property
  3. Layouts and requirements for:
  • Guest rooms
  • Guest services
  • Public areas
  • Service areas
  • Staff facilities
  • Sports and recreation facilities
  • Back of house and other support facilities
  • Retail shops
  • Spa
  • Kitchen design
  • Laundry
  • Landscaping
  • Floor, wall, and ceiling finishing as well as treatment
  • Sanitary wares and fittings in all areas
  • Staff uniform
  • Property-based artwork

Pre Opening Services | Technical Aspects

We recommend a list of project operation’s Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) for the designer. On the other hand, we advise and comment on:

  • An image of hotel lobby - pre opening servicesAny special hotel systems like security, fire alarm, telephone, paging, property management software and hardware (PMS), point of sales system (POS), TV and entertainment system, audio, and visual and key system.
  • Final recommendations on air conditioning, plumbing, drainage, power supply and distribution, general lighting, alarm, radio, television, as well as telecommunication.
  • The preliminary and final quality, quantity, specifications, and installation of the hotel’s list of FF&E.
  • Hotel operating equipment such as chinaware, glassware, cutlery, linen, as well as utensils.
  • Heavy-duty equipment such as kitchen, laundry, as well as M&E.
  • The best source of suppliers for all the capital investments above and strategies for tendering, analyzing, and making the final selection. Check out our LinkedIn Page.

Pre Opening Services | Step By Step Procedure

  1. Preparation of the pre-opening budget and financial forecast for the first year of the hotel operations.
  2. Compiling of working capital calculations, accounting, as well as purchasing policies.
  3. Preparing of manning guide and recruitment schedules, HR administration plans, salary structure. Besides, we recommend employee benefits, leave systems, and the hotel HR handbook on policies and regulations.
  4. Formulate hotel SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) which can be used for continuous training. Hence, we take a very practical approach to SOPs and they are simple, task-oriented, and easily executable.
  5. Preparation of Sales and Marketing plan which will cover above the line and below the line activities. In addition, it targets all the various client groups in the hotel.
  6. Preparation of the hotel’s sales as well as marketing collateral.
  7. Assisting and advising on the selection of a suitable PR agency and the hotel’s PR plans.
  8. Test runs on the operations of the hotel prior to opening.

Site Visits and Inspections

The Green World Hospitality Consultants’ team will need to make visits to the site. Besides, this is done at several stages of the project to attend meetings and conduct inspections of the progress of the project. Hence, for each project, there will be a recommended number of trips factored into the client’s contract.

Consultation Fee for Concept Development and Pre-Opening

There is a total project fee for the consultation services based on the scale and execution time frame of the project.

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