Hotel Talent Acquisition Consultancy

Talent acquisition refers to the continuous approach of getting expatriates, leaders, or potential executives for your organizational administration. Talent acquisition is inclined to focusing on strategic human resources planning as well as getting suitable applicants for positions that need specific skills.

The areas with the biggest skills scarcity in the hospitality industry are those that require a talent approach. Generally, we’re experiencing great competition for top talents as well as shortages of skills as a component of the fuel.

A healthy talent acquisition approach will add value to your company to the level that you employ. If your hotel is distinguished by high rates of staff turnover; your employees may see your level of stress reduction when you adopt a talent acquisition approach. If you are hiring periodically, the whole process can be easier and efficient when you have a talent acquisition plan.Attracting the best employees to your organization is not a one-time event. However, it is a continuous process that requires planning and execution for the best results. Organizations that seriously consider their strategic plans should be constantly networking and building associations with people at the top of their specialties. Check out our publications.

We encourage our customers to Always Be Cultivating (ABC) by viewing recruitment as a sales process. If you need a team-player on your team, your organization must consider attracting and retaining staff as it does with acquiring and retaining clients.

Talent Acquisition | What We Do

An illustration of an interviewee and interviewer - talent acquisitionAt Green World Hospitality Consultants we link precise talents with the exact job opportunities both locally and internationally within the hospitality industry. Our main activity is permanent appointments as well as short-term appointments for individual, large volume, or continuing staff requirements. We recruit all levels of hospitality staff from junior to executive. Check out our LinkedIn Page.

Why You Should Partner With Us;

We perform hands-on recruitment of aspirants who might not be looking for new jobs. When recruiting and placing applicants, we first of all endeavor to appreciate our clients’ requirements, society, and business. By so doing, we ensure that we recommend appropriate persons that are thoroughly screened and vetted for the requisite position.

In simple terms, we are the bridge that links great talents to great brands in the hospitality industry.

Talent Acquisition | In Essence

Green World Hospitality Consultants recruits highly skilled talents using a refined screening / interviewing structure i.e. competency-based interviewing system (CBIS) to precisely screen applicants. This is more analytical than any other system. Our team is down to business in sourcing with constant applicant channel development.

We guarantee a 90% fill probability for every placement we partner for as we constantly source for applicants who are;

  • Consistently exceeding employer expectations
  • Getting things done promptly without excuses
  • Best performers in problem-solving
  • Conversant with customer trends as well as diversity in the Industry
  • Highly motivated to produce results.

Talent Acquisition | Executive Search

We assist you to find the most excellent personnel, develop winning teams, and produce value for money in your company. We help recruit outstanding leaders who are in line with markets as well as the culture of your company. Therefore, this is realized using a methodical process as explicated below. We;

  • Work directly and closely with you to comprehend your needs and guarantee a successful search
  • Engage you to comprehend your needs and develop a report of requirements to describe the search.
  • Comprehend how to get your ideal candidate and discover the right pool of managerial talent. We have the right of entry in our network of industry connections for referrals as well as recommendations.
  • Examine our applicants methodically and only approve those with the best potential. We thereafter confirm the eligibility of those applicants using intermediary information and interviews.
  • Endorse only those applicants who are a practical and actual leadership selection for your organization.
  • Perform a formal evaluation of candidates under serious deliberation, working hand in hand with a proven evaluation system.
  • Remain the link between you and the applicant after the selection and placement process. We are accessible to provide any support as needed and provide constant feedback from the new employees.
  • We combine the above fundamentals to bring a successful, meticulous, and complete approach to everyone at our executive searches while ensuring we meet your desires.

The Recruitment Process

We at Green World Hospitality Consultants are accountable for the administration of the whole recruitment process starting with job profiling throughout to the placement of the new employee. We develop job descriptions, advertisements, sources for applicants, handle responses, do screening, schedule interviews, and logistics. Besides, we execute the process while complying with the system and finally bring onboard the new employees.

The following are the reasons why you should outsource your talent acquisition through us;

  • By doing so, your in-house HR staff members can concentrate on other developments.
  • Outsourcing non-core occupations translate fixed costs into variable costs hence more profits.
  • Improves the superiority and momentum of service delivery.
  • Fulfillment of predictable or unpredictable high-level staffing requirements.
  • Constant follow-up, fulfillment, improvement, and development of employer brand.

We have partnered with global staff acquisition experts with the focus is on enriching our service delivery in providing top-of-the-range hotel talent acquisition available in Kenya, Africa, and beyond.

Do you want to employ the best talents for your hotel? Get in touch with us.