Staff Training And Capacity Building

Staff training is the procedure employed in coaching the existing employees with an aim of improving the performance and productivity of the organization.

Besides, it is an essential aspect of a successful organization is training staff is one of the precious assets. Therefore, staff should be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to achieve the company objectives. Training promotes job satisfaction while retaining current employees.

A good training schedule is a significant aspect of any successful organization. This should be done on regular basis to enhance consistency as well as continuous improvement. Here is what we can do for your company by imparting technical skills and knowledge to your employees. Check out our publications.

Your Right Staff Are Your Best Assets

An image of staff training and developmentAt Green World Hospitality Consultants, we believe that having the right employees in the right place is the most important asset a business can have. Besides, we offer a comprehensive HR solution for training and development, and performance review.

Do you want to develop your employees and ensure they become long-term valuable assets able to lead your business? Building a layered Learning and Development program can be a great way to do this. Therefore, this program cuts across the employee base, dependent on the development needs of staff.

It covers both personal and professional development. Essentially, it’s the responsibility of the organization to ensure that its employees have the skills and knowledge to meet the strategic and operational objectives of the company. Check out our LinkedIn Page.

Staff Training | The Main Objectives Of Learning And Development

  • To help your business gain a competitive edge through improved business performance, productivity as well as efficiency
  • Improving employee’s skills and knowledge for their current job role
  • Increasing employees’ generic skills – i.e. employability skills or key competencies (e.g. teamwork, problem-solving, communication)
  • Organizational development – i.e. the fostering of shared attitudes and values and change management.
  • Talent management.

Building a layered Learning and Development program can be done in the following ways:

  • Professional training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Cross-departmental training
  • Development of ‘soft skills’
  • Personal development

On the other hand, we have partnered with a specialist(s) in revenue management whose focus is on enhancing service delivery through the provision of top-of-the-range hotel revenue management training available in Africa, for Africa, by Africans. The hotel revenue management training program would be a key part of your overall branding.

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